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OUT NOW Missing Axioms: Philosophy for Disorientation

"Barnes tackles ethical questions afresh, combining a direct, conversational tone with a mischievous knack for peering through conceptual keyholes." - @sonyasupposedly

"With Missing Axioms, Barnes thoughtfully investigates and articulates the feeling of being lost in a value-less abyss." - Kevin DeLand, @DeLandB4Time

Can we ever be nihilists? What is the difference between talk and action?

Missing Axioms explains how we value, outlining the impossibility of nihilism for human beings.

Through a series of essays covering Socrates, the Tokkōtai (Kamikaze), Christianity, Plato's cave and Sisyphus this book explores the topic of martyrdom and our status as inherently valuing beings.

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THE ICONOCLAST - Available Now

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